Hitachi patents granted on 31 October 2006

70 US patents granted on 31 October 2006 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,131,048 Apparatus for system decoder and method for error correction of packet data
2 7,131,027 Method and apparatus for disk array based I/O routing and multi-layered external storage linkage
3 7,131,014 Disk array device and method of supplying power to disk array device
4 7,131,013 Power supply control system and storage device for holding data just prior to the occurence of an error
5 7,130,978 Method and apparatus for controlling access to storage device
6 7,130,976 Remote copy method and remote copy system to eliminate use of excess volume for copying data
7 7,130,975 Data processing system
8 7,130,974 Multi-site remote-copy system
9 7,130,971 Assuring genuineness of data stored on a storage device
10 7,130,961 Disk controller and method of controlling the cache
11 7,130,960 System and method for managing disk space in a thin-provisioned storage subsystem
12 7,130,959 Subsystems and an integrated system of these subsystems
13 7,130,954 Data migration method, protocol converter and switching apparatus using it
14 7,130,941 Changing-over and connecting a first path, wherein hostscontinue accessing an old disk using a second path, and the second path of the old disk to a newly connected disk via a switch
15 7,130,928 Method and apparatus for managing i/o paths on a storage network
16 7,130,912 Data communication system using priority queues with wait count information for determining whether to provide services to client requests
17 7,130,909 Storage path control method
18 7,130,900 Storage network management system and method
19 7,130,868 File system for creating switched logical I/O paths for fault recovery
20 7,130,849 Similarity-based search method by relevance feedback
21 7,130,832 Energy service business method and system
22 7,130,801 Method for speech interpretation service and speech interpretation server
23 7,130,765 Performance control apparatus and method for data processing system
24 7,130,723 Control unit for vehicle and total control system therefor
25 7,130,715 Machining method and machining apparatus
26 7,130,530 Recording apparatus, optical disk and computer-readable recording medium
27 7,130,529 Recording apparatus, optical disk and computer-readable recording medium
28 7,130,256 Mark-length information recording system
29 7,130,218 Nonvolatile memory with controlled voltage boosting speed
30 7,130,172 Switchgear and receiving transformation apparatus using the same
31 7,130,167 Magnetoresistive sensor having improved synthetic free layer
32 7,130,166 CPP GMR with improved synthetic free layer
33 7,130,159 Magnetic disk apparatus
34 7,130,153 Stitched write head with staircase P2 defined throat height
35 7,130,151 Disk device and unbalance correcting method thereof
36 7,130,144 Substrate structure of disk array apparatus, disk array apparatus and disk array system
37 7,130,141 Assembly for thermal and/or thermally-assisted information processing
38 7,130,063 Micropattern shape measuring system and method
39 7,130,026 Stage control method, a stage control system, and a semiconductor manufacturing equipment
40 7,129,999 Liquid crystal display device
41 7,129,998 Liquid crystal display device comprising a peripheral area having six signal line common lines each connected every six signal lines in a driver IC mount region and four scan line common lines each connected to every four scan lines
42 7,129,869 Superconductor semiconductor integrated circuit
43 7,129,727 Defect inspecting apparatus
44 7,129,702 XY stage, head carriage and tester of magnetic head or magnetic disk
45 7,129,641 Display device having a thin film electron source array
46 7,129,630 Display device
47 7,129,613 Rotating electrical machine and drive system of cage induction motor
48 7,129,549 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
49 7,129,484 Method for pattern recognition in energized charge particle beam wafer/slider inspection/measurement systems in presence of electrical charge
50 7,129,478 Mass spectrometer
51 7,129,476 Radiological imaging apparatus and timing correction method therefor
52 7,129,177 Write head fabrication by inverting order of process steps
53 7,129,145 Method of manufacturing an IC coil mounted in an information carrier
54 7,129,124 Display device, process of fabricating same, and apparatus for fabricating same
55 7,128,882 Method and apparatus for treating perfluorocompounds
56 7,128,791 Heat-resistant martensite alloy excellent in high-temperature creep rupture strength and ductility and process for producing the same
57 7,128,621 Connecting structure and its connecting method, and rotating machinery and alternating current
58 7,128,528 Bearings for CO.sub.2 refrigerant compressor use, compressor using the same, and applications of the same
59 7,128,523 Drainage pump and underwater bearing unit
60 7,128,422 Display device and display optical system unit
61 7,128,182 Power steering system
62 7,128,051 Internal combustion engine, and control apparatus and method thereof
63 7,128,048 Control apparatus and control method for multi-cylinder engine
64 7,127,896 Engine cogeneration system
65 7,127,888 Hydraulic drive unit
66 7,127,887 Oil pressure circuit for working machines
67 7,127,801 Method for shaping pole pieces of magnetic heads by chemical mechanical polishing
68 7,127,800 Narrow write head pole tip fabricated by sidewall processing
69 RE39,366 Liquid crystal driver and liquid crystal display device using the same
70 D531,152 Digital video disc recorder with hard disk recorder