Huawei patents granted on 01 December 2015

43 US patents granted on 01 December 2015 and assigned to Huawei

1 9,204,490 Base station installation apparatus included in base station, and base station
2 9,204,442 Method, apparatus, and communication system for configuring relay node subframe
3 9,204,440 Scheduling implementation method, apparatus, and system
4 9,204,400 Method and device for resource configuration
5 9,204,355 Cell reselection method and mobile terminal
6 9,204,342 Method, apparatus, and system for processing eMPS in a CSFB mechanism
7 9,204,323 Method and apparatus for remotely locating wireless network fault
8 9,204,310 Method and device for converting mobile allocation
9 9,204,206 Method and apparatus for transmitting signaling
10 9,204,039 Image processing method and apparatus
11 9,204,027 Method for photographing processing and terminal device
12 9,203,977 Method, apparatus and system for service association based on service nesting charging
13 9,203,907 Method, server and client in implementing service Mashup for web applications integrations through dynamic cooperation of client and server
14 9,203,896 Method and apparatus for data interaction
15 9,203,877 Method for mobile terminal to process text, related device, and system
16 9,203,752 Method, apparatus, and system for forwarding packet in multi-topology network
17 9,203,748 Software defined network-based data processing method, node, and system
18 9,203,716 Fault detection method and system
19 9,203,630 Method and apparatus for seamlessly implementing transferring dual-party call into conference
20 9,203,614 Method, apparatus, and system for protecting cloud data security
21 9,203,587 Method and device for transmitting acknowledgement or negative acknowledgement indication information
22 9,203,582 Methods and nodes in a wireless communication system
23 9,203,545 Method, device, and nested system for allocating uplink and downlink bandwidth
24 9,203,528 Method for reducing frequency band interference for multi-mode terminal, multi-mode terminal, and network device
25 9,203,525 Encoding method and device
26 9,203,517 Signal transmission method, signal receiving method, passive optical network PON device, and PON system
27 9,203,510 Method for locating fault of submarine cable, repeater, and communication system
28 9,203,509 Method, system, and apparatus for detecting optical power of passive optical network
29 9,203,508 Method for estimating a chromatic dispersion of a received optical signal
30 9,203,501 Relay transmission method and apparatus
31 9,203,491 Method for determining precoding matrix indicator, user equipment, and base station evolved NODEB
32 9,203,487 Method and device for indicating pilot state
33 9,203,486 Method, device, and system for transmitting channel information
34 9,203,298 Three-phase interleave converter with three-state switching cell
35 9,203,238 Power supply method and apparatus
36 9,203,142 Mobile communication antenna device and mobile communication terminal device
37 9,202,088 Method and apparatus for selecting reference tag used for positioning
38 9,201,780 Method and device for adjusting memory of virtual machine
39 9,201,753 Integrated circuit and method for monitoring bus status in integrated circuit
40 9,201,691 Method, apparatus and system for coordinating execution of tasks in a computing system having a distributed shared memory
41 9,201,509 Character input method and device based on arrow key
42 9,201,286 Method and apparatus for wavelength selective switch
43 9,199,882 Scheelite microwave dielectric ceramic material and preparation method thereof