Huawei patents granted on 01 March 2016

13 US patents granted on 01 March 2016 and assigned to Huawei

1 D750,620 Tablet computer
2 9,277,575 Method, device and network system of establishing a tunnel
3 9,277,568 Method, apparatus and system for random access
4 9,277,508 Method, control apparatus and communication system for dynamically adjusting transmit power
5 9,277,506 Sounding reference signal transmission
6 9,277,215 Method and apparatus for realizing adaptive quantization in process of image coding
7 9,277,181 Media service presentation method and communication system and related device
8 9,276,836 Method and apparatus for advertising border connection information of autonomous system
9 9,276,672 Method, transport apparatus, and system for detecting submarine optical cable line
10 9,276,485 Control circuit for controlling reverse surge current in a synchronous rectification circuit and power supply device including the control circuit
11 9,275,646 Method for inter-channel difference estimation and spatial audio coding device
12 9,274,940 Method and apparatus for allocating memory space with write-combine attribute
13 9,274,588 Method and apparatus for reducing chip power consumption