Huawei patents granted on 01 November 2016

32 US patents granted on 01 November 2016 and assigned to Huawei

1 9,485,796 Content publishing method and user equipment
2 9,485,759 Multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) transmission method and apparatus
3 9,485,741 Energy saving management method for base station, apparatus and system
4 9,485,740 Signal transmission method, communications equipment, and system
5 9,485,713 Circuit, method, and related apparatus for avoiding channel interference
6 9,485,700 Data offloading method, user equipment, macro base station, and small node
7 9,485,689 Adaptive traffic engineering configuration
8 9,485,662 Method, system and device for distributing resource of base station node
9 9,485,659 Method and apparatus for monitoring network device
10 9,485,648 Method for distributing virtual user identification data, method for acquiring virtual user identification data, and device
11 9,485,504 Image coding and decoding method, image data processing method, and devices thereof
12 9,485,465 Picture control method, terminal, and video conferencing apparatus
13 9,485,331 Program switching method, apparatus, and media server
14 9,485,294 Method and apparatus for processing video stream
15 9,485,002 Equalizing method in a receiver node of a wireless communication system
16 9,484,999 Method and device for transmitting signal
17 9,484,965 Terminal and method for making touchscreen of terminal
18 9,484,920 Switching circuit and electronic device
19 9,484,866 Doherty power amplifying circuit and power amplifier
20 9,484,311 Chip package and packaging method
21 9,484,142 Circuit board and power conversion apparatus having circuit board
22 9,483,543 Data collecting method and apparatus, and mobile terminal
23 9,483,434 Wireless communication device and method for manufacturing wireless communication device
24 9,483,428 Storage apparatus, and system and method for executing access operations
25 9,483,401 Data processing method and apparatus
26 9,483,382 Data synchronization method and apparatus
27 9,483,368 Method, apparatus, and system for handling virtual machine internal fault
28 9,483,336 Method for correcting memory error of application program
29 9,483,332 Event processing method in stream processing system and stream processing system
30 9,483,321 Method and apparatus for determining to-be-migrated task based on cache awareness
31 9,483,194 File processing method and apparatus, and storage device
32 9,482,696 Method and device for measuring current