Huawei patents granted on 01 September 2015

20 US patents granted on 01 September 2015 and assigned to Huawei

1 9,125,210 Data transmission method, network system and corresponding device
2 9,125,199 Method and apparatus for channel estimation
3 9,125,187 Method for connecting mobile station to base station, mobile station, base station, multi-carrier mobile communication system, and random access channel mapping method
4 9,125,156 Method and Wi-Fi device for setting communications mode
5 9,125,116 Method, apparatus and system for key derivation
6 9,125,003 Machine to machine service management device, network device, and method processing service system
7 9,124,900 Encoding or decoding method and apparatus
8 9,124,764 Method, device and system for adjusting image display
9 9,124,706 Method and system for interoperation between multiple conference systems
10 9,124,610 Method and system for maintaining contact information
11 9,124,578 Service opening method and system, and service opening server
12 9,124,509 Method, apparatus, and system for controlling network traffic switching
13 9,124,414 Receiver
14 9,124,411 Method for sending and receiving control information, apparatus and communication system
15 9,124,332 Method, apparatus, and system for interference alignment
16 9,124,321 Method and apparatus for transmitting precoding matrix index and preforming precoding
17 9,124,311 Multi-band multi-path receiving and transmitting device and method, and base station system
18 9,123,329 Method and apparatus for generating sideband residual signal
19 9,122,483 Adaptive voltage scaling method, chip, and system
20 9,122,411 Signal order-preserving method and apparatus