Huawei patents granted on 02 April 2013

16 US patents granted on 02 April 2013 and assigned to Huawei

1 8,413,147 Method, apparatus and system for making a decision about virtual machine migration
2 8,413,124 System and method for compiling and matching regular expressions
3 8,412,828 Media resource management method and device, equipment and system thereof
4 8,412,793 Method, device and system for delivery resume of dynamic content
5 8,412,364 Method and device for sending and playing streaming data
6 8,412,273 Multi-mode base station and method for data transmission
7 8,412,197 Method, terminal, and system for cell reselection
8 8,411,827 Method and system for implementing multimedia ring back tone service
9 8,411,727 Method and device for feeding back and receiving downlink channel information
10 8,411,680 IP multicasting system and a method based on the mobile network
11 8,411,673 Method, device, and system for transferring service control signalling path
12 8,411,642 Random access method, evolved node B, and terminal equipment
13 8,411,597 Method, system and apparatus for setting up multimedia call
14 8,411,350 Optical demodulator
15 8,410,850 Signal processing arrangement and signal processing method
16 8,410,771 Method and apparatus for spectrum detection