Huawei patents granted on 02 August 2016

35 US patents granted on 02 August 2016 and assigned to Huawei

1 D762,716 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
2 9,408,255 Method for migrating user plane from Iur-g interface to A interface and corresponding apparatus
3 9,408,211 Method and apparatus for resource management, low-bandwidth user equipment, and user equipment
4 9,408,210 Method, device and system for dynamic frequency spectrum optimization
5 9,408,203 Method and apparatus for encoding and processing acknowledgement information
6 9,408,163 Power control method, activation management method, user equipment, and base station
7 9,408,135 Method and device for notifying wireless access point service virtual provider
8 9,408,128 Control method for power configuration on heterogeneous network, and user equipment
9 9,408,121 Method and apparatus for enhancing measurement in wireless communication system
10 9,408,101 Method and device for cell outage detection
11 9,408,069 Service control method, terminal, and network device
12 9,408,049 Method and system facilitating paging a user equipment
13 9,407,687 Method, apparatus, and network system for acquiring content
14 9,407,607 Method for virtual private cloud to access network, network side device and data center device
15 9,407,561 Systems and methods for traffic engineering in software defined networks
16 9,407,538 Ring network failure switching method and apparatus
17 9,407,532 Method for generating tunnel forwarding entry and network device
18 9,407,528 Method, system of fault detection for pseudo wires and service provider edge router thereof
19 9,407,422 Method, base station, and user equipment for activating or deactivating carrier
20 9,407,415 Method and device for sending and receiving acknowledgement
21 9,407,412 Method, apparatus and system for receiving and sending scheduling information
22 9,407,401 Method for generating a superset of quasi-orthogonal sets of sequences
23 9,407,372 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving client signal
24 9,407,287 Parallel history search and encoding for dictionary-based compression
25 9,406,304 Method, apparatus, and system for processing audio data
26 9,406,302 Method and apparatus for processing a multi-channel audio signal
27 9,406,148 Image processing method and apparatus, and shooting terminal
28 9,405,969 Face recognition method and device
29 9,405,758 Method and system for identifying file type
30 9,405,757 File storage system, apparatus, and file access method
31 9,405,638 Fault detection method, gateway, user equipment, and communications system
32 9,405,590 Method, apparatus, and system for issuing partition balancing subtask
33 9,405,563 Resource management method and apparatus for virtual machine system, and virtual machine system
34 9,405,353 Method and apparatus for controlling central processing unit
35 9,404,826 Vector joint encoding/decoding method and vector joint encoder/decoder