Huawei patents granted on 02 December 2014

21 US patents granted on 02 December 2014 and assigned to Huawei

1 8,904,532 Method, apparatus and system for detecting botnet
2 8,904,268 Method, apparatus, and communication system for transmitting graphic information
3 8,903,890 System, apparatus and method for realizing web service
4 8,903,432 Wireless paging method
5 8,903,402 Method, apparatus, and system for access control handover of user between base stations
6 8,903,395 Mobile station reattaching method, system, gateway and base station
7 8,903,389 Method and apparatus for identifying user equipment, and method for transmitting and allocating a temporary identifier
8 8,903,361 Network locking method and apparatus for terminal
9 8,903,330 Communication signal transmission method, device and system
10 8,903,081 Method, apparatus, and system for controlling storage of user input information
11 8,903,007 Method and apparatus for determining precoding matrix
12 8,903,004 Precoding processing method and user equipment
13 8,902,918 High speed uplink packet access adaptive retransmission method and apparatus
14 8,902,909 Method, system, and device for implementing service forwarding
15 8,902,848 Method and apparatus for processing data sending, and method and apparatus for processing data receiving
16 8,902,809 Method and apparatus for handling data sending and receiving
17 8,902,762 Troubleshooting method and apparatus
18 8,902,752 Cell processing method, source line card, and network card in switching network
19 8,902,731 Method, network card, and communication system for binding physical network ports
20 8,902,275 Code stream processing method and system, multipoint control unit
21 8,900,012 USB connector apparatus