Huawei patents granted on 02 July 2013

19 US patents granted on 02 July 2013 and assigned to Huawei

1 8,478,926 Co-processing acceleration method, apparatus, and system
2 8,478,857 Method and system for content categorization
3 8,478,570 Method and apparatus for establishing network performance model
4 8,478,293 Mobile station paging method and mobile call center device
5 8,478,246 Method and system for providing real time ringback tone, and terminal thereof
6 8,477,929 Method, device and system for line management
7 8,477,925 Call method, device, and communication system for private branch exchange user
8 8,477,797 Method and apparatus for processing media stream queues based on control
9 8,477,774 Method and system for detecting accessing host contained in network, and statistic and analyzing server
10 8,477,755 Method and device for processing data in dedicated physical data channel
11 8,477,726 Method, system and device for mobile station handover
12 8,477,725 Method, device and system for implementing optimized inter-RAT handover
13 8,477,688 Method, system and apparatus for notifying as of user state
14 8,477,679 Resource allocation method and device for amplify-and-forward relay network
15 8,477,669 Method, device, and system for implementing communication services
16 8,477,655 Method, device, and system for establishing label switching path in fast rerouting switching
17 8,477,640 Method, apparatus and system for information transmission
18 8,477,607 System and method for resource admission and control
19 8,477,155 Display method, display controller and display terminal