Huawei patents granted on 02 June 2015

23 US patents granted on 02 June 2015 and assigned to Huawei

1 9,049,741 Mobile WLAN gateway
2 9,049,734 Method, apparatus and system for resource immediate assignment
3 9,049,707 Antenna communication method and device
4 9,049,677 Method, apparatus and system for paging processing and information displaying
5 9,049,675 Method and device for power control of high speed dedicated physical control channel
6 9,049,625 Route switching methods and systems
7 9,049,594 Method and device for key generation
8 9,049,580 QUALCOMM chat mobile terminal update and authentication method and mobile terminal
9 9,049,570 Method and apparatus for registration, communication and handover of Mobile Node
10 9,049,343 Method, device and system for presenting virtual conference site of video conference
11 9,049,341 Method and apparatus for video resource management in video conference
12 9,049,340 Method and apparatus for adjusting site bandwidth, conferencing terminal, and media control server
13 9,049,254 Control method, apparatus and system
14 9,049,230 Backup method and backup device for TCP connection
15 9,049,183 Ethernet base, network system, and data forwarding method
16 9,049,108 Wireless network fault diagnosis method and device
17 9,049,083 Base station antenna and base station antenna feed network
18 9,049,060 Co-channel dual polarized microwave device and method for receiving receive signal
19 9,048,984 Channel switching method, apparatus, and system
20 9,048,886 Signal transmitting method and base station device
21 9,048,795 Method for implementing compensation filter and apparatus for signal bandwidth compensation
22 9,047,877 Method and device for an silence insertion descriptor frame decision based upon variations in sub-band characteristic information
23 9,046,883 Method and apparatus for station energy consumption management and presentation