Huawei patents granted on 03 January 2017

40 US patents granted on 03 January 2017 and assigned to Huawei

1 D775,642 Display screen with graphical user interface for managing and monitoring physical sources used for cloud computing
2 9,538,562 Method and apparatus for allocating association identifier
3 9,538,527 Method for determining transmission time interval, base station, and radio network controller
4 9,538,520 Data transmission method, network system and corresponding device
5 9,538,476 Method and system for power adjustment, base station, and user equipment
6 9,538,462 Method for minimization of drive tests, method for collecting terminal information, terminal, and network element
7 9,538,433 Method for determining target, network element, and system for determining target
8 9,538,398 Method, apparatus and system for establishing neighbor relation
9 9,538,373 Method and device for negotiating security capability when terminal moves
10 9,538,358 Communication matching method, user equipment and base station
11 9,538,237 Multi-screen interaction method and system
12 9,538,230 Methods and apparatuses for providing multi-service via a signal convergence terminal
13 9,538,186 Decoding a picture based on a reference picture set on an electronic device
14 9,538,093 Forming high-dynamic-range (HDR) images using single-channel data
15 9,538,017 Charging method and device
16 9,537,991 Method for establishing bluetooth connection and mobile terminal
17 9,537,982 Service process control method and network device
18 9,537,971 Systems, devices and methods for distributed content pre-fetching in mobile communication networks
19 9,537,817 Method and apparatus for obtaining destination IP address
20 9,537,779 System and method for real-time traffic delivery
21 9,537,694 Signal coding and decoding methods and devices
22 9,537,683 Method and apparatus for residual phase noise compensation
23 9,537,672 Method for managing customer edge device automatically and PE device
24 9,537,629 Control channel mapping method and apparatus
25 9,537,627 Signal transmitting method and base station device
26 9,537,626 Method and apparatus for determining coordinated multi-point transmission/reception coordination set
27 9,537,622 User equipment, method, and system for determining, reporting, distributing resource for multiple carriers
28 9,537,619 Processing method for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing signal and network device
29 9,537,562 Signal processing method and terminal
30 9,537,556 Systems and methods for optimized beamforming and compression for uplink MIMO cloud radio access networks
31 9,537,553 Method and apparatus for adjusting transmit powers of base station antennas, and base station
32 9,537,549 Method, terminal and base station for multi-user interference suppression
33 9,537,461 System and method for electronically adjustable antenna
34 9,536,538 Method and device for reconstructing a target signal from a noisy input signal
35 9,536,147 Optical flow tracking method and apparatus
36 9,535,867 Method, device, system and storage medium for implementing packet transmission in PCIE switching network
37 9,535,747 Application heartbeat period adjusting method and apparatus, and terminal
38 9,535,698 Method and apparatus for asynchronous processor removal of meta-stability
39 9,535,576 Touchscreen apparatus user interface processing method and touchscreen apparatus
40 9,535,220 Fiber patch cord apparatus, port panel, and fiber patch cord system