Huawei patents granted on 03 June 2014

15 US patents granted on 03 June 2014 and assigned to Huawei

1 8,745,244 Method and system for implementing policy and charging control in multi-PDN scenario
2 8,745,190 Method for providing node information, method for acquiring node information, and device
3 8,744,505 Method and apparatus for physical cell identifier communication and selection
4 8,744,382 Fast tracking power supply device, fast tracking power supply control method, and communication equipment
5 8,744,070 User device
6 8,744,000 Method, apparatus, and system for diversity transmission and reception
7 8,743,981 Modulation method and apparatus
8 8,743,829 Method and device for establishing or modifying local IP access bearer
9 8,743,813 Method for transmitting reference signals
10 8,743,812 Method, system, and access gateway for traffic flows to share resources
11 8,743,744 Method and apparatus for multiplexing an antenna element, and antenna component
12 8,743,733 Switching frame and router cluster
13 8,743,686 Method, device, and system for admission control in metropolitan area network
14 8,743,146 Method and system for implementing augmented reality application
15 8,742,820 Power circuit and wireless network adapter