Huawei patents granted on 03 May 2016

27 US patents granted on 03 May 2016 and assigned to Huawei

1 D755,148 Mobile phone
2 9,332,588 Method, apparatus and system for information transmission
3 9,332,558 Method for allocating radio resources in relay cell, base station, and system
4 9,332,546 Radio resource optimizing method, apparatus, and system
5 9,332,503 Method for controlling power of uplink multiple-input multiple-output channel, and user equipment
6 9,332,443 Method and apparatus for positioning user equipment
7 9,332,438 Method for updating group temporal key, related apparatus and system
8 9,332,410 Method, apparatus, and terminal for answering call
9 9,332,225 Method, apparatus, and system for controlling conference including telepresence conferencing site
10 9,332,073 Method and system for maintaining contact information
11 9,331,986 Encryption communication method, apparatus and system
12 9,331,981 Method and apparatus for filtering URL
13 9,331,953 Device management method, middleware, and machine-to-machine communications platform, device, and system
14 9,331,945 Method and network device for transmitting data stream
15 9,331,939 Message forwarding method, system, and relay agent device
16 9,331,898 Alarm method for multi-mode base station, multi-mode base station, and communication system
17 9,331,876 Method, apparatus and system for controlling carrier power amplifier of base station
18 9,331,863 Home network, method for sharing device information among home networks and home network system
19 9,331,857 Application charging method, device, and system
20 9,331,821 Data retransmission method, apparatus, and system
21 9,331,727 Method and apparatus for processing signal interference
22 9,331,514 Charging apparatus
23 9,330,760 Method and apparatus for setting TCAM entry
24 9,330,049 Method and apparatuses for monitoring system bus
25 9,330,004 Data processing method, cache node, collaboration controller, and system
26 9,329,783 Data processing system and data processing method
27 9,328,971 Liquid cooling system and method for cooling at least one radio unit