Huawei patents granted on 03 November 2015

27 US patents granted on 03 November 2015 and assigned to Huawei

1 9,179,500 Radio base station and method for transmitting common public radio interface data in radio base station
2 9,179,484 Method and device for allocating group identifier
3 9,179,441 Resource allocation method and apparatus
4 9,179,429 Synchronization method, device, and system
5 9,179,417 Method, apparatus, and terminal for wireless network connection
6 9,179,391 Method for offloading processing service, communication apparatus and network system
7 9,179,376 Relay node handover method, base station, and communication system
8 9,179,374 Method, apparatus, and system for controlling and measuring cell handover
9 9,179,372 Optimizing parameter setting for handover of mobile terminals on a transportation platform
10 9,179,286 Method, system, and device for registering with local mobility anchors
11 9,179,275 Method and apparatus for receiving or sending short message
12 9,179,249 Method for positioning wireless terminal, and related device and system
13 9,179,172 Method and access device for implementing IP broadband video service
14 9,179,004 Method and apparatus for charging
15 9,178,925 Exchanging media stream data between thin client and media gateway, bypassing virtual machine, in cloud computing system
16 9,178,843 Method for sending electronic mail receipt and mobile terminal
17 9,178,825 Data processing method and apparatus
18 9,178,811 Method, apparatus and system for generating label forwarding table on ring topology
19 9,178,795 Method and ethernet switching device for detecting loop position in ethernet
20 9,178,786 Packet loss detection method and system, sending device, and receiving device
21 9,178,756 Method and device for processing location information of fault point
22 9,178,689 Multimode base station and implementation method thereof
23 9,178,671 User equipment, method for determining resource, method for reporting resource, and system for distributing resource
24 9,178,638 Method and apparatus for mapping and de-mapping service data
25 9,178,532 Decoding method and decoding device for polar code cascaded with cyclic redundancy check
26 9,177,548 Method, apparatus, and access network system for speech signal processing
27 9,177,467 Electrical gateway and communication method of electrical gateway