Huawei patents granted on 04 August 2015

17 US patents granted on 04 August 2015 and assigned to Huawei

1 9,100,920 Parameter configuration method and configuration device for mobile terminal
2 9,100,907 Method, device and system for establishing on-demand route
3 9,100,816 Charging method, device, and system
4 9,100,412 Method and apparatus for transmitting media resources
5 9,100,384 Method and apparatus for accessing heterogeneous networks via wireless local area network
6 9,100,352 Method, device, and system for forwarding packet
7 9,100,351 Method and system for forwarding data in layer-2 network
8 9,100,336 Method for managing a switch chip port, main control board, switch board, and system
9 9,100,327 Bandwidth information notification method, service processing method, network node and communication system
10 9,100,279 Method, apparatus, and system for forwarding data in communications system
11 9,100,271 Routing method, routing apparatus, and communications system
12 9,100,180 Method, device and communication system for retransmission based on forward error correction
13 9,100,097 Glasses-type communications apparatus, system, and method
14 9,100,053 Method and decoder for reconstructing a source signal
15 9,099,099 Very short pitch detection and coding
16 9,098,895 Image processing method and device
17 9,098,404 Storage array, storage system, and data access method