Huawei patents granted on 04 March 2014

17 US patents granted on 04 March 2014 and assigned to Huawei

1 8,667,527 Method, apparatus, and system for playing targeted advertisement
2 8,667,182 User locating system, method and server in packet-based network
3 8,667,167 Method and network device for controlling transmission rate of communication interface
4 8,667,143 Method and system for redirecting a client
5 8,667,124 Method, apparatus, and system for notifying real-time streaming protocol events
6 8,666,402 Method for triggering user registration in IP multimedia subsystem
7 8,666,249 Method, device, and system for implementing LR-PON
8 8,665,984 Method and system for precoding data
9 8,665,938 Wireless transmission apparatus and self-checking method of wireless transmission apparatus
10 8,665,888 Optical line terminal, method and system for packet transmission in optical communication system
11 8,665,856 Data processing apparatus, communication device, and data processing method
12 8,665,827 Method and system for mobile station handover, and mobile station
13 8,665,820 Method and apparatus for non-access stratum message processing during handover in evolved network
14 8,665,814 Method, device and system for assigning ACK channels to users
15 8,665,776 Method and system for data transmission
16 8,665,772 Method, device and system for transmitting a push message
17 8,665,718 Method and device for implementing virtual-switch