Huawei patents granted on 04 October 2016

34 US patents granted on 04 October 2016 and assigned to Huawei

1 D768,188 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
2 9,462,719 Plug-in mechanism, subrack including plug-in mechanism, and finished board
3 9,462,673 Heat sink and heat dissipation system
4 9,462,537 Network access point, network controller, network device, and load control method thereof
5 9,462,522 Method, device, and system for acquiring application information in WLAN
6 9,462,510 Circuit switched fallback handover method and apparatus, and base station
7 9,462,492 Method and apparatus for obtaining information of neighboring cell
8 9,462,468 Wireless local area network authentication method and mobile terminal
9 9,462,457 Subscription transfer method, apparatus, and system
10 9,462,424 Indoor positioning method and apparatus
11 9,462,359 System and method for photonic switching
12 9,462,274 Transformation mode encoding and decoding method and apparatus
13 9,462,273 Intra-frame prediction and decoding methods and apparatuses for image signal
14 9,462,169 Shooting method, apparatus, and terminal
15 9,462,053 Method and apparatus for connection establishment
16 9,461,928 LACP negotiation processing method, relay node, and system
17 9,461,908 Method of route convergence, routing device, and main control board in routing device
18 9,461,894 Packet processing method, deep packet inspection request network element and deep packet inspection device
19 9,461,888 Policy processing method and network device
20 9,461,866 Method, apparatus and system for sending physical layer signal
21 9,461,860 Pilot signal transmitting method, and channel estimation method, apparatus, and system
22 9,461,775 Method, apparatus and system for transmitting information bits
23 9,461,739 Wireless communication method, base station and system
24 9,461,737 Method for detecting fiber jumper connection and apparatus for detecting fiber jumper connection
25 9,461,729 Software-defined network infrastructure having virtual range extenders
26 9,461,726 Method for generating codebook, method and apparatus for data transmission
27 9,461,340 Battery, battery assembly, and user equipment
28 9,460,749 I/O balance processing method and device
29 9,460,186 Database management method and system
30 9,460,012 Fusible and reconfigurable cache architecture
31 9,459,948 Auxiliary method, apparatus and system for diagnosing failure of virtual machine
32 9,459,830 Method and apparatus for recovering memory of user plane buffer
33 9,459,798 Data processing system and data processing method
34 9,459,592 Method for time and time zone synchronization and terminal device