Huawei patents granted on 05 August 2014

17 US patents granted on 05 August 2014 and assigned to Huawei

1 8,800,001 Network authentication method, method for client to request authentication, client, and device
2 8,799,970 Media stream playing method and set-top box
3 8,799,584 Method and apparatus for implementing multi-processor memory coherency
4 8,799,544 System on chip and transmission method under AXI bus
5 8,799,373 Method, system and apparatus for message interworking
6 8,798,625 Method for selecting a network by a terminal and dual-standby terminal
7 8,798,575 Method for improving service data flow based charging and system thereof
8 8,798,563 Method and apparatus for decreasing power consumption of power amplifier
9 8,798,182 Precoding method and apparatus
10 8,798,128 Method and device for signal processing and applied to microwave communication system
11 8,797,980 Method, apparatus and system for transmitting information
12 8,797,971 Method and device for sending a buffer status report
13 8,797,967 Method, user equipment and base station for transmitting uplink control information
14 8,797,910 Modem and network search method of modem
15 8,797,860 Method for implementing flow control in switch fabric, switching device, and switching system
16 8,797,841 Method, system and device for recovering service
17 8,794,507 Method and apparatus for applying two-dimensional codes