Huawei patents granted on 06 August 2013

10 US patents granted on 06 August 2013 and assigned to Huawei

1 8,504,786 Method and apparatus for backing up storage system data
2 8,504,043 Method, apparatus, and system for voice call fallback to circuit switched domain
3 8,504,028 Method, user equipment, and system for network selection
4 8,504,024 Method for implementing an intelligent service and communications system
5 8,503,823 Method, device and display system for converting an image according to detected word areas
6 8,503,564 Method and system for data transmission
7 8,503,412 Process method about the service connection between the wireless local area network and user terminal
8 8,503,344 Notification method, access point, station, and wireless system
9 8,503,327 Radio frequency module supporting multiple carriers, base station and carrier distribution method
10 8,500,466 Electronic apparatus with plug