Huawei patents granted on 06 December 2016

41 US patents granted on 06 December 2016 and assigned to Huawei

1 D773,488 Display screen with graphical user interface for viewing and installing applications in an electronic mall
2 D773,424 Mobile phone
3 9,516,697 Mobile WLAN gateway
4 9,516,675 Method for accessing wireless local area network, access point and wireless local area network system
5 9,516,664 Method, apparatus, and system for correcting receiving and sending channel response, and BBU
6 9,516,590 Method, device and system for discontinuous reception
7 9,516,569 Handover method, system, and device
8 9,516,550 Wireless broadband communication method, device, and system to establish a bearer between a user equipment and a small cell
9 9,516,545 Transmission mode selecting method, antenna transmission/reception combination determining method, device and system
10 9,516,536 Method and device for sending a buffer status report
11 9,516,496 Data transmission method, evolved NodeB and user equipment
12 9,516,447 Method and apparatus for generating and restoring downmixed signal
13 9,516,385 Technique for obtaining a multicast address that matches an IP version supported by a terminal
14 9,516,343 Video decoder with enhanced CABAC decoding
15 9,516,312 Method and apparatus for building motion vector list for motion vector prediction
16 9,516,260 Video processing method and apparatus
17 9,516,173 Policy decision method, charging device, and system
18 9,516,114 Data packet transmission method and related device and system
19 9,516,070 Method for establishing channel for managing IPV4 terminal and network gateway
20 9,515,987 Method, apparatus, and system for network address translation
21 9,515,923 Method and device for processing interconnected ring in multi-protocol label switching
22 9,515,886 Rule set orchestration processing method and apparatus, and cluster data system
23 9,515,881 Method, device, and system for packet processing
24 9,515,839 Method and system for implementing mobile streaming media
25 9,515,807 Uplink interference management method, node, and system
26 9,515,785 System and method for detecting loss of signal
27 9,515,779 Memory allocation method and system, user equipment, and network device
28 9,515,766 Node apparatus
29 9,515,715 CSI feedback method, UE scheduling method, UE, and base station
30 9,515,377 Antenna apparatus, antenna device and signal transmitting apparatus
31 9,514,799 Memory scheduling method and memory controller
32 9,514,762 Audio signal coding method and apparatus
33 9,514,759 Method and apparatus for performing an adaptive down- and up-mixing of a multi-channel audio signal
34 9,514,641 Smart remote control
35 9,514,640 Information processing method and user equipment
36 9,514,356 Method and apparatus for generating facial feature verification model
37 9,514,209 Data processing method and data processing device
38 9,513,955 Application management method and terminal
39 9,513,838 Method and apparatus for processing system command during memory backup
40 9,513,790 Electronic device and method for unlocking screen of electronic device
41 9,513,447 Active photonic integrated circuit (PIC) with embedded coupling efficiency monitoring