Huawei patents granted on 06 October 2015

24 US patents granted on 06 October 2015 and assigned to Huawei

1 9,155,126 Method and device for processing information given idle-mode signaling reduction
2 9,155,084 Methods and devices for transmitting data
3 9,155,050 Method and apparatus for determining transmit power
4 9,155,031 Method, system, and device for network selection
5 9,155,000 User detachment when a handover or change occurs in heterogeneous network
6 9,154,998 Method, system, and application network element for improving quality of service
7 9,154,932 Method for establishment of an emergency call
8 9,154,861 Method, system and optical network device for synchronizing time of a passive optical network
9 9,154,822 Method, apparatus, and terminal device for sharing internet protocol television content
10 9,154,579 Method, service board, and system for transmitting KVM data
11 9,154,503 Authorization method and terminal device
12 9,154,501 Machine-to-machine communications privacy protection method and system, machine-to-machine communications service management entity, and related device
13 9,154,401 Method and device for establishing router neighbor
14 9,154,330 Method and device of link aggregation and method and system for transceiving MAC frames
15 9,154,230 Optical signal control method, optical signal control system and optical backplane system
16 9,154,224 Method, apparatus and system for testing an optical network
17 9,154,221 Method, system, and relay apparatus for realizing passive optical network reach extension
18 9,154,183 Method and apparatus for channel mapping based on frequency hopping
19 9,153,245 Pitch detection method and apparatus
20 9,152,804 Media resource access control method and device
21 9,152,544 Method and system for upgrading a firmware of a chip and baseboard management controller by waiting until an idle state of a connected system to finish upgrade
22 9,152,482 Multi-core processor system
23 9,152,480 Method for storing application data and terminal device
24 9,152,245 Rolling type input apparatus and method for setting sensitivity thereof, and electronic equipment