Huawei patents granted on 06 September 2016

32 US patents granted on 06 September 2016 and assigned to Huawei

1 9,439,243 Mobile cellular network based on layered cloud computing
2 9,439,222 Method, base station, and user equipment for accessing physical random access channel
3 9,439,190 Device to-device D2D communication method and D2D communication device
4 9,439,176 System and method for virtual multi-point transceivers
5 9,439,172 Method and device for notifying reference signal configuration information
6 9,439,154 Power control method, user equipment, and base station for carrier aggregation with different configurations
7 9,439,127 Method for data transmission and local network entity
8 9,439,124 Mobility control method and apparatus
9 9,439,113 Optimizing parameter setting for handover of mobile terminals on a transportation platform
10 9,439,019 Sound signal processing method and apparatus
11 9,438,903 Encoding method and apparatus for reducing dynamic power consumption during video encoding
12 9,438,679 Method, apparatus, name server and system for establishing FCOE communication connection
13 9,438,601 Operating group resources in sub-groups and nested groups
14 9,438,594 Method and apparatus for establishing tunnel data security channel
15 9,438,566 Method and system for negotiation based on IKE messages
16 9,438,544 Processing method for mobile device to display email, server, and mobile device
17 9,438,522 Service processing method and system, and policy control and charging rules function
18 9,438,468 Method and apparatus for creating network devices
19 9,438,368 Wavelength negotiation method and apparatus of multi-wavelength passive optical network, and multi-wavelength passive optical network system
20 9,438,352 QPSK signal conjugate relationship identification method and apparatus, and dispersion compensation method and system
21 9,438,349 Optical module, line card and optical communications system
22 9,438,345 Optical module and fabrication method thereof
23 9,438,328 Method for feeding backchannel state information, user equipment, and base station
24 9,438,323 Method and device for sending user-specific reference signal
25 9,438,211 High speed latch and method
26 9,437,928 Feeding matching apparatus of multiband antenna, multiband antenna, and radio communication device
27 9,437,028 Method, apparatus, and terminal device for generating and processing gesture and position information
28 9,436,874 Method for discovering augmented reality object, and terminal
29 9,436,557 Method and computation node for processing application data
30 9,436,266 Method and apparatus for controlling central processing unit in a group of central processing units by acquiring power consumption factors for each central processing unit and comparing a mean of power consumption factors with a threshold
31 9,436,021 Tunable optical filter, tunable optical component, and multi-wavelength passive optical network system
32 9,435,961 Stacked photonic chip coupler for SOI chip-fiber coupling