Huawei patents granted on 07 April 2015

16 US patents granted on 07 April 2015 and assigned to Huawei

1 9,003,219 Method and apparatus for mobile terminal power management
2 9,003,179 Wireless internet access module, communication method for host and wireless internet access module, and data card
3 9,003,120 Method and apparatus for querying for and traversing virtual memory area
4 9,003,107 Method for adjusting storage space of partition of embedded multimedia card and terminal
5 9,003,046 Network access method, terminal device, server, and communication system
6 9,003,029 Method, apparatus and system for joint optimization
7 9,002,643 Position information sharing method and positioning device and system
8 9,002,389 Method, apparatus, and terminal for determining transmission mode
9 9,002,381 Measurement compensation method, apparatus, server, and system in base station positioning
10 9,002,291 Standing wave detection method, standing wave detection apparatus and base station
11 9,001,835 Method and system for establishing emergency call
12 9,001,832 Method, device and system for establishing pseudo wire
13 9,001,807 Signal encoding method and device, method for encoding joint feedback signal
14 9,001,785 Access control method, access control apparatus and communication system
15 9,001,765 Method, base station and user equipment for transmitting physical resource blocks and estimating channels
16 9,001,763 Wireless service access method and apparatus