Huawei patents granted on 07 June 2016

25 US patents granted on 07 June 2016 and assigned to Huawei

1 D758,385 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
2 D758,341 Loudspeaker box
3 9,363,884 Composite material and electronic device
4 9,363,839 Method for establishing bearer for machine to machine service and network transmission device
5 9,363,825 Indication map delivery method, indication operation method, device, and system
6 9,363,815 Method for SDMA transmission in multicarrier MU MIMO system and base station
7 9,363,807 Method and apparatus for sending and receiving a downlink data block of a packet data service
8 9,363,762 Method and device for determining transmission power
9 9,363,706 Method, device and system for signal transmission
10 9,363,688 Repair method and device for missing detection of control channel
11 9,363,681 Method and apparatus for establishing cell reselection list
12 9,363,658 Data transmission method, mobility management entity, and mobile terminal
13 9,363,648 Method and system for determining the existence of broadcast and multicast frames buffered in an access point
14 9,363,621 System and method adopting a reliable stop-and-wait hybrid automatic repeat request protocol
15 9,363,299 Unified communications-based video conference call method, device and system
16 9,363,184 Token bucket-based traffic limiting method and apparatus
17 9,363,171 Method and device for label automatic allocation in ring network protection
18 9,363,037 Link adaptation feedback method and transmitting device
19 9,363,030 Communication method and device in time division duplexing system
20 9,362,920 Correction circuit and real-time clock circuit
21 9,362,768 Charger and charging system
22 9,362,387 Method for producing multi-gate in FIN field-effect transistor
23 9,361,904 Method for predicting bandwidth extension frequency band signal, and decoding device
24 9,361,039 Method, related apparatus, and system for virtual network migration
25 9,360,622 Low loss optical crossing and method of making same