Huawei patents granted on 07 October 2014

18 US patents granted on 07 October 2014 and assigned to Huawei

1 D714,767 USB modem
2 8,856,385 Image display method and apparatus
3 8,856,381 Method for binding work label switching path and protection label switching path
4 8,856,299 Policy and charging rules function management method, management network element, and network system
5 8,856,243 Method, device, and system for message distribution
6 8,855,718 Signal transmission method, apparatus, and base station
7 8,855,647 Method for radio resource control connection reestablishment and terminal
8 8,855,643 Method for improving handover success rate of group mobile terminals, mobile proxy, and mobile terminal
9 8,855,619 Method for state transition and network device
10 8,855,551 System and method for one cell to cover multiple areas
11 8,855,501 Method for carrier frequency recovery and optical intradyne coherent receiver
12 8,855,282 Method, system and apparatus for implementing multimedia ring back tone service
13 8,855,251 Power adjusting method and apparatus
14 8,855,233 Method and apparatus for implementing digital baseband predistortion
15 8,855,080 Method, device, and data frame for spectrum sensing
16 8,854,989 Receiver, transmitter, feedback device, transceiver and signal processing method
17 8,854,968 Communication network, device, and method
18 8,854,946 Method and apparatus for generating standard cancellation signalstandard cancellation signal