Huawei patents granted on 08 December 2015

41 US patents granted on 08 December 2015 and assigned to Huawei

1 9,210,802 Optoelectronic device packaging method and chip assembly having an isolation dielectric located on both sides of a high-frequency transmission line to form a coplanar waveguide transmission line
2 9,210,715 Method, apparatus, and system for triggering resource configuration
3 9,210,710 Transmission of channel state information in a wireless communication system
4 9,210,707 Sensing threshold determining method and sensor node device
5 9,210,705 Method and device for data transmission
6 9,210,704 Method, device, and system for managing uplink carrier frequencies
7 9,210,692 Scheduling request method, apparatus and system
8 9,210,614 Wireless local area network coordinated data transmission method, device, and system
9 9,210,612 Communication system, method and device
10 9,210,579 System and method for communicating in a wireless communications system
11 9,210,565 Multicast control method and apparatus
12 9,210,530 Configuring application parameter of mobile terminal
13 9,210,226 Method and device for location management of group-based machine type communication MTC device
14 9,210,195 Method, apparatus, and system for processing service data
15 9,210,124 Method, apparatus, and system for allocating public IP address
16 9,210,080 Method, apparatus and system for transmitting packets in virtual network with respect to a virtual machine (VM) migration
17 9,210,066 Routing method, apparatus and system
18 9,210,047 Method and apparatus for presenting network path
19 9,210,037 Method, apparatus and system for interconnected ring protection
20 9,210,029 Logical link identifier registration method, device, and system
21 9,210,025 Method and apparatus for correcting in-phase signal and quadrature-phase signal
22 9,210,020 System and method for suppressing PAPR in MC-CDMA and derivatives
23 9,210,003 Downlink channel estimation method, system, and mobile terminal
24 9,209,999 Method, apparatus, and system for associating sessions
25 9,209,939 Microwave communications device and microwave communications system
26 9,209,936 Systems and methods for circular convolution
27 9,209,922 Lossless adjustment method of ODUflex channel bandwidth and ODUflex channel
28 9,209,906 Clock recovery circuit, optical receiver, and passive optical network device
29 9,209,882 Method for reporting and obtaining channel state information, eNodeB, and user equipment
30 9,209,877 Method, user equipment and base station for determining precoding matrix indicator
31 9,209,869 System and method for trellis coded quantization with selective feedback and interpolation
32 9,209,753 Predistortion correction method, predistortion correction apparatus, transmitter, and base station
33 9,209,692 Hysteretic control conversion circuit and power supply system
34 9,209,284 Tunneling field effect transistor with new structure and preparation method thereof
35 9,208,336 Extensible markup language document management method and system
36 9,208,100 Directory replacement method and device
37 9,208,087 On-chip data caching method and apparatus
38 9,208,085 Method and apparatus for storing data
39 9,207,865 Information processing method and terminal device
40 9,207,744 Method and apparatus for adjusting device power consumption
41 9,206,828 Locking mechanism for communication module and communication device