Huawei patents granted on 08 March 2016

15 US patents granted on 08 March 2016 and assigned to Huawei

1 9,282,569 LTE single-card dual-standby multi-mode terminal and method for processing concurrency of its CS service and PS service
2 9,282,545 Method, apparatus and system for transmitting information
3 9,282,506 Cell search in wireless communication system
4 9,282,479 Link adaptation feedback method and transmitting device
5 9,282,384 System and method for commutation in photonic switching
6 9,282,039 Address resolution method, apparatus, and system
7 9,282,025 Medium access control address protection method and switch
8 9,281,981 Apparatus and method for transmitting data with conditional zero padding
9 9,281,980 Receiving apparatus and method, sending apparatus and method, front-end circuit, modulator, and transceiving system
10 9,281,878 Array antenna, method and device for transmitting and receiving signal
11 9,281,063 Method for processing data, flash memory, and terminal
12 9,281,053 Memory system and an apparatus
13 9,280,493 Method and device for enumerating input/output devices
14 9,280,301 Method and device for recovering erroneous data
15 9,280,282 Touch unlocking method and apparatus, and electronic device