Huawei patents granted on 08 November 2016

31 US patents granted on 08 November 2016 and assigned to Huawei

1 D771,063 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
2 D771,061 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
3 9,491,794 Method for quickly establishing trunking service and related device and system
4 9,491,792 Method, apparatus, and system for measurement for device-to-device communication
5 9,491,780 Method and device for processing random access parameter
6 9,491,778 Method and device for obtaining secondary timing advance
7 9,491,747 Method, base station and user equipment for subframe configuration in time division duplex system
8 9,491,745 Method for transmitting and receiving uplink control information, terminal, base station
9 9,491,732 Paging processing method, user equipment and system
10 9,491,720 Method, processor, and user equipment for transmitting at reduced transmission power to save power consumption of user equipment
11 9,491,682 Wireless routing device, mobile terminal, and management system and method
12 9,491,667 Method and device for handover to serving network
13 9,491,665 Data processing method and device
14 9,491,656 Method for selecting bearer mode, packet gateway, and policy and charging rule function entity
15 9,491,405 Method and apparatus for displaying conference material in video conference
16 9,491,212 Method for streaming media and media controller
17 9,491,120 Method for crosstalk and power optimization in silicon photonic based switch matrices
18 9,491,074 Method, apparatus, and system for detecting connectivity
19 9,491,068 Method, apparatus, and system for flow measurement
20 9,491,065 Method and apparatus for measuring user quality of experience QoE
21 9,491,021 Terminal-to-terminal communication method and terminal
22 9,490,949 Pilot resource allocation method and device
23 9,490,946 Interference coordination method and base station
24 9,490,902 Optical power system for digital-to-analog link
25 9,490,535 Apparatus and assembling method of a dual polarized agile cylindrical antenna array with reconfigurable radial waveguides
26 9,489,595 Method, apparatus, and device for detecting convex polygon image block
27 9,489,328 System on chip and method for accessing device on bus
28 9,489,213 Shutdown method, startup method, and communication terminal
29 9,489,200 Method and apparatus for asynchronous processor with fast and slow mode
30 9,489,115 Method, apparatus and system for displayed content transfer between screens
31 9,489,050 Method and user equipment for unlocking screen saver