Huawei patents granted on 09 August 2016

23 US patents granted on 09 August 2016 and assigned to Huawei

1 9,414,398 Data sending method and user equipment
2 9,414,325 Path loss compensation method, base station and user equipment
3 9,414,281 Data transmission method, offloading point device, user equipment, and system
4 9,414,271 Message handling method and device
5 9,414,270 Message handling method and device
6 9,414,262 Interference suppression method and apparatus
7 9,414,258 Method and apparatus for processing bearer
8 9,413,692 Line processing unit and switch fabric system
9 9,413,635 Method for controlling generation of routing information, method for generating routing information and apparatuses thereof
10 9,413,633 Service packet sending and receiving method, apparatus, and system
11 9,413,592 Linkage policy implementation method and apparatus, open platform board, and device
12 9,413,543 Method, device and system for transmitting multimedia broadcast multicast service
13 9,413,480 Access system, communication method and device for optical fiber network
14 9,413,401 Method for measuring co-channel signal interference, and receiver
15 9,413,067 Simple 2D phase-mode enabled beam-steering means
16 9,412,152 Image sharpening processing method and apparatus, and shooting terminal
17 9,411,957 Method and device for optimizing and configuring detection rule
18 9,411,689 Method and relevant apparatus for starting boot program
19 9,411,646 Booting secondary processors in multicore system using kernel images stored in private memory segments
20 9,411,620 Virtual storage migration method, virtual storage migration system and virtual machine monitor
21 9,411,603 Chip and starting method thereof
22 9,411,344 Energy saving monitoring method and device
23 9,411,343 Temperature feedback control system for dynamic voltage frequency scaling