Huawei patents granted on 09 December 2014

54 US patents granted on 09 December 2014 and assigned to Huawei

1 D719,180 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
2 8,910,151 Managing remote install of software components
3 8,910,139 Method for processing firmware based on firmware over the air technology, apparatus, and system
4 8,909,989 Method for outputting power-on self test information, virtual machine manager, and processor
5 8,909,979 Method and system for implementing interconnection fault tolerance between CPU
6 8,909,975 Tunnel management method, tunnel management apparatus, and communications system
7 8,909,969 Method, apparatus, and system for performing time synchronization on PCIE devices
8 8,909,868 Quality of service control method for storage system
9 8,909,787 Method, device, and system for allocating address in IP network
10 8,909,755 Software download method and apparatus
11 8,909,750 Method for disconnecting multiple hosts from network when the gateway mobile station used by the multiple hosts indicates it is exiting the network, and network management device
12 8,909,533 Method and apparatus for performing and controlling speech recognition and enrollment
13 8,909,520 Pulse encoding and decoding method and pulse codec
14 8,909,238 Method and device for utilizing cell edge frequency band resource and base station
15 8,909,193 Authentication method
16 8,909,179 Method and apparatus for controlling transmit signal of radio frequency power amplifier
17 8,909,178 Method, RF module and test method for enabling power amplifier to support multiple powers
18 8,909,160 Method, device, and system of resource configuration
19 8,909,068 Skew estimator, skew compensator and coherent receiver
20 8,909,054 Bi-direction optical sub-assembly and optical transceiver
21 8,909,041 Method and apparatus for determining an optical signal-to-noise ratio (OSNR) penalty
22 8,908,871 Mobile internet protocol system and method for updating home agent root key
23 8,908,863 Method, network element, and mobile station for negotiating encryption algorithms
24 8,908,857 Soft reset method for DSL apparatus
25 8,908,853 Method and device for displaying information
26 8,908,845 Method, device and system for implementing customized ring back tone service and customized ring tone service
27 8,908,834 Method, apparatus, and system for reducing digital subscriber line interference
28 8,908,818 Channel estimation method, apparatus and system
29 8,908,802 Transmit diversity method, related device, and system
30 8,908,791 Method and system for precoding data
31 8,908,749 Method and apparatus for controlling DSL line transmission power
32 8,908,712 Method, system and access device for implementing service configuration
33 8,908,687 Method for transmitting policy information between network equipment
34 8,908,680 Apparatus for hybrid-transmitting and bridging of a circuit service and a packet service
35 8,908,650 Interface, apparatus, and method for communication between a radio equipment control node and one or more remote radio equipment nodes
36 8,908,649 Method and apparatus for selecting downlink primary carrier for transmitting data
37 8,908,646 Random access method, evolved Node B, and terminal equipment
38 8,908,641 Method, system, network element, and gateway for processing access point name restriction information
39 8,908,640 Method, apparatus and system for handover between multi-carrier cells
40 8,908,627 Data processing method and system
41 8,908,622 Method and communication device for assigning scheduling grant
42 8,908,601 Paging processing method, communication apparatus, and communication system
43 8,908,580 Method and apparatus for automatic switching between networks, wireless access device, and intermediate device
44 8,908,572 Method and apparatus for obtaining information from target base station
45 8,908,563 Method for acquiring information, user equipment, and network equipment
46 8,908,562 Method for remotely managing a sensor network topology and gateway
47 8,908,506 Method and system for switching APS service channel and automatic protection switching device
48 8,908,386 Printed circuit board assembly chip package component and soldering component
49 8,908,281 Optical splitting device, optical multiplexing device and method, and optical add-drop multiplexer
50 8,908,049 Monitoring device and method for monitoring a video session in a data network
51 8,908,047 Method and apparatus for obtaining video quality parameter, and electronic device
52 8,908,006 Method, terminal and system for caption transmission in telepresence
53 8,907,724 Variable gain amplifier
54 8,907,720 Capacitive switch, apparatus for transceiving signal, and manufacturing method thereof