Huawei patents granted on 09 February 2016

16 US patents granted on 09 February 2016 and assigned to Huawei

1 9,258,803 Method and apparatus for allocating and transmitting time and frequency resource for resource request indicator
2 9,258,790 Dynamic power spectrum management method, spectrum optimization system and client device
3 9,258,777 Method, apparatus, and network management system for acquiring an energy efficiency parameter of a network with overlaid coverage
4 9,258,629 System and method for an agile cloud radio access network
5 9,258,568 Quantization method and apparatus in encoding/decoding
6 9,258,247 Method and apparatus for load sharing
7 9,258,200 Method and apparatus for acquiring quality of experience and method and apparatus for ensuring quality of experience
8 9,258,189 Method, node device and system for establishing label switched path
9 9,258,183 Method, device, and system for realizing disaster tolerance backup
10 9,258,099 System and method for user cooperation protocol for interference alignment in wireless networks
11 9,258,050 Transceiving module, antenna, base station and signal receiving method
12 9,258,044 Method for feeding back precoding matrix indicator, receive end and transmit end
13 9,257,841 USB connector, PCB connected thereto, and USB device
14 9,257,358 Chip stacking packaging structure
15 9,256,828 Alarm correlation analysis method, apparatus and system
16 9,256,446 Method and apparatus for component display processing