Huawei patents granted on 09 July 2013

17 US patents granted on 09 July 2013 and assigned to Huawei

1 D685,784 Tablet computer
2 8,484,715 Method and system for network access and network connection device
3 8,484,469 Method, system and equipment for key distribution
4 8,484,388 Data transmission method, device and system
5 8,484,318 Method, apparatus and system for upgrading through multicast
6 8,483,728 Device and method for processing short message service
7 8,483,686 Method and communication system for deleting address of network anchor point from network server
8 8,483,619 Method, apparatus and system for estimating channels
9 8,483,378 Method and system for implementing multimedia ring back tone service and multimedia caller identification service
10 8,483,342 Down sampling method and down sampling device
11 8,483,178 Resource admission control method and network apparatus
12 8,483,166 Method and apparatus for accessing legacy networks through temporary ID of evolved network
13 8,483,159 Method and apparatus for frequency offset compensation
14 8,483,110 Uplink transmission method, user equipment and system thereof
15 8,483,050 Method and apparatus for ethernet ring protection
16 8,483,047 Method, terminal and system structure for transmitting and receiving services in microwave communication
17 8,482,351 Power amplifier and method for amplifying signal based on power amplifier