Huawei patents granted on 09 June 2015

22 US patents granted on 09 June 2015 and assigned to Huawei

1 D731,546 Display screen with icon
2 D731,413 Digital display battery
3 9,055,566 Method in a wireless communication system
4 9,055,551 Prefix allocation method, network system, and local mobility anchor
5 9,055,549 Method and device for accessing and obtaining user equipment context and user equipment identity
6 9,055,522 Method, device, and system for selecting route discovery
7 9,055,485 Operating method of wireless access point device and wireless access point device
8 9,055,484 Data transmission method, base station and terminal
9 9,055,471 Data transmission method, apparatus and system
10 9,055,083 Interworking method and interworking control unit, method and system for implementing simulation services
11 9,055,047 Method and device for negotiating encryption information
12 9,054,984 Method, switching device and system for enabling multicast forwarding
13 9,054,944 Path computation method, path computation element, node device, and network system
14 9,054,867 Method, device and system for assigning ACK channels to users
15 9,054,853 Method, apparatus and system for signaling resource partition
16 9,054,850 Method and device for sending data in passive optical network
17 9,054,811 Method and device for sending upstream transfer frame in passive optical network
18 9,054,754 Method and apparatus for acquiring a precoding matrix indicator and a precoding matrix
19 9,054,411 Antenna component and electronic communication device
20 9,053,252 Storage expansion apparatus and server
21 9,052,821 Method for adjusting soft keyboard layout and mobile terminal
22 9,052,761 Methods and devices for user touch operation