Huawei patents granted on 10 June 2014

21 US patents granted on 10 June 2014 and assigned to Huawei

1 D706,822 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
2 8,751,846 Power supply selector and power supply selection method
3 8,751,665 Method and apparatus for reporting uniform resource locator, method and apparatus for setting up connection, and communication system
4 8,750,909 Method, system, and apparatus for processing a service message with a plurality of terminals
5 8,750,890 Microcell creating method based on macrocell network coverage
6 8,750,678 Conference recording method and conference system
7 8,750,602 Method and system for personalized advertisement push based on user interest learning
8 8,750,356 Method, apparatus, and system for measuring asymmetric delay of communication path
9 8,750,347 Code channel detecting method and related device and communication system
10 8,750,323 Method for switching data and structure for switching data
11 8,750,318 Method, apparatus and system for applying relations between package base and extension
12 8,750,284 Path computation method, node device and path computation element
13 8,750,225 Processing method and terminal for random access
14 8,750,201 Method, system and apparatus for providing access mode selection to multimode terminal
15 8,750,197 Method, apparatus and system for pushing information, and method and apparatus for obtaining information
16 8,750,171 Femtocell/WLAN communication device
17 8,750,150 Method, apparatus and system for transmitting channel state information
18 8,749,699 Method and device for video processing using a neighboring frame to calculate motion information
19 8,749,639 Method and apparatus for obtaining video quality parameter, and electronic device
20 8,749,608 Method and apparatus for arranging agent of call center
21 8,749,586 Method and apparatus for providing folder item information based on touch operation