Huawei patents granted on 10 March 2015

8 US patents granted on 10 March 2015 and assigned to Huawei

1 8,978,108 Method, device, and system for service presentation
2 8,977,876 Method and apparatus for implementing low power consumption for data switching device, and data switching device thereof
3 8,976,971 Method and apparatus for adjusting channel delay parameter of multi-channel signal
4 8,976,754 Feedback information relating to a mobile communications system using carrier aggregation
5 8,976,749 Method and base station for dynamic adjustment of carrier resource
6 8,976,738 Arrangement and method for improving HARQ feedback in telecommunication systems
7 8,976,716 Method, device, and conference system for processing media data packet
8 8,976,686 TCM path search method, TCM path creaetion method, path search management system, and path creation management system