Huawei patents granted on 10 May 2016

27 US patents granted on 10 May 2016 and assigned to Huawei

1 9,338,804 Method for notifying a network domain and access point
2 9,338,797 Data transmission method, base station, and user equipment
3 9,338,708 Method and apparatus of communication
4 9,338,707 Communication matching method, user equipment and base station
5 9,338,698 Method and eNodeB for forwarding downlink and uplink packets based on S1 handover
6 9,338,684 Method and apparatus for implementing report measurement and reporting measurement result
7 9,338,683 Method, user equipment and base station device for transmitting indication information
8 9,338,454 Method and apparatus for obtaining size of transform block
9 9,338,256 System for generating page element by server using interface configuration acquiring from user equipment
10 9,338,230 Method, network entity and network system for forwarding resources
11 9,338,189 Internet protocol multimedia subsystem network, and data transmission method and apparatus
12 9,337,998 Method for improving synchronization and information transmission in a communication system
13 9,337,989 Method for configuring transmission resource, related device, and communication system
14 9,337,960 Encoding and decoding methods and apparatuses of ethernet physical layer
15 9,337,957 Method and device for interleaving processing in a WLAN system
16 9,337,938 Signal processing method, optical receiver and optical network system
17 9,337,871 Method and apparatus for processing data
18 9,337,847 Oscillator
19 9,337,741 DC-DC conversion circuit and method
20 9,336,790 Packet loss concealment for speech coding
21 9,336,179 Computer subsystem and computer system with composite nodes in an interconnection structure
22 9,336,054 Method and apparatus for configuring resource
23 9,335,889 Method and device for processing network element object information in 3D topology view
24 9,335,836 Method and electronic apparatus for realizing virtual handwriting input
25 9,335,771 Feedforward control method and apparatus
26 9,335,480 Optical alignment using multimode edge couplers
27 9,334,924 Cable positioning apparatus