Huawei patents granted on 11 October 2016

44 US patents granted on 11 October 2016 and assigned to Huawei

1 D768,720 Portion of a display screen with icon
2 D768,623 Wearable device
3 D768,593 Mobile phone
4 9,468,030 Method, device, and network system of establishing a tunnel
5 9,468,021 Method, apparatus, and system for communication information transmission
6 9,468,009 Signal processing method and related device
7 9,468,005 Data sending method, device and system in heterogeneous network
8 9,468,002 Method, system and equipment for determining transmission subframe
9 9,467,985 Method and system for transmitting data stream
10 9,467,961 Method and device for establishing GS association
11 9,467,949 Power control method, apparatus, and system
12 9,467,932 Access control method for WiFi device and WiFi device
13 9,467,900 Service scheduling method and apparatus
14 9,467,892 Method and apparatus for transmitting data packet
15 9,467,887 Minimization of drive-tests control method, system, and network element device
16 9,467,849 Method and apparatus for security communication of carrier aggregation between base stations
17 9,467,846 Method, apparatus, and mobile phone for measuring and displaying internet traffic of mobile phone
18 9,467,823 Method and device for processing value-added service for short message service
19 9,467,676 Multi-view video coding and decoding methods and apparatuses, coder, and decoder
20 9,467,650 Method and apparatus for transmitting media stream in video conference
21 9,467,535 Data transmission method, network element device and communication system
22 9,467,499 Method and management apparatus for performing operation on device resource
23 9,467,447 Network access method, authentication method, communications system and relevant devices
24 9,467,432 Method and device for generating local interface key
25 9,467,423 Network label allocation method, device, and system
26 9,467,415 Method, device and system for processing group message
27 9,467,404 Processing method and processing system for instant messages in network conference
28 9,467,376 Method and device for sending internet protocol packets
29 9,467,341 Policy decision function addressing method, network element and network system
30 9,467,335 Method, terminal, and system for fiber network management
31 9,467,311 Method for sending and receiving signal, and corresponding device and system
32 9,467,262 Method for configuring reference signal, UE, and eNB
33 9,467,224 Method and device for determining input optical power
34 9,467,212 System and method for multiple-input multiple-output communication
35 9,467,209 Method, apparatus, and terminal device for near field communication radio frequency communication
36 9,467,165 Physical layer encoding and decoding method and apparatuses thereof
37 9,467,133 Comparator apparatus and method
38 9,466,940 Graphene illuminator, and heat dissipating apparatus and optical transmission network node using the graphene illuminator
39 9,466,597 Chip package structure and chip packaging method
40 9,465,992 Scene recognition method and apparatus
41 9,465,941 Method, system, and apparatus for detecting malicious code
42 9,465,743 Method for accessing cache and pseudo cache agent
43 9,465,426 Method for backing up data in a case of power failure of storage system, and storage system controller
44 9,465,417 Cluster system, method and device for expanding cluster system