Huawei patents granted on 12 April 2016

20 US patents granted on 12 April 2016 and assigned to Huawei

1 9,313,820 Link failure recovery method and apparatus
2 9,313,755 Method, device, and system for synchronizing physical layer state
3 9,313,737 Power save method, access point device, and station device
4 9,313,726 Method and apparatus for searching for network
5 9,313,703 Method and device for determining target cell
6 9,313,679 Method for transmitting sounding reference signal and method and device for indicating configuration
7 9,313,220 Proxy gateway anti-virus method, pre-classifier, and proxy gateway
8 9,313,118 Method and apparatus for intercepting multicast protocol packet and switch
9 9,313,090 Tunnel fault detection method and traffic engineering node
10 9,313,063 Apparatus and method for transmitting data with conditional zero padding
11 9,313,037 Method, apparatus and system for forwarding data under protocol independent multicast dual join
12 9,313,035 Charging count method and device
13 9,313,015 HTTP-based synchronization method and apparatus
14 9,313,011 Method and apparatus for scheduling terminals in system with multiple antenna elements combining into common cell
15 9,312,995 System and method for adaptive downlink CoMP mode selection based on unified CSI feedback
16 9,312,982 Method and apparatus for mapping and de-mapping in an optical transport network
17 9,312,763 DC-DC converter
18 9,311,191 Method for a source storage device sending data to a backup storage device for storage, and storage device
19 9,311,189 Method and device for inputting data in multimedia service database on embedded device
20 9,310,486 Method and apparatus for terminal to determine approach of object