Huawei patents granted on 12 July 2016

49 US patents granted on 12 July 2016 and assigned to Huawei

1 9,392,611 Resource scheduling method, radio access device, and communications system
2 9,392,602 Method and device for adjusting carrier frequency of multiple-input multiple output microwave device
3 9,392,595 Control information transmission method, user equipment, and base station
4 9,392,583 Method, entity, and system for implementing trunk service
5 9,392,529 Method and device for selecting serving gateway entity
6 9,392,508 Methods and systems for admission control and resource availability prediction considering user equipment (UE) mobility
7 9,392,507 Method, apparatus and system for relocating user equipment between radio network controllers
8 9,392,500 Method, apparatus, and system for processing eMPS in a CSFB mechanism
9 9,392,487 Systems and methods for traffic-aware medium access selection
10 9,392,435 Method, system and apparatus for accessing a visited network
11 9,392,297 Method, apparatus and system for rapid motion search applied in template matching
12 9,392,247 Buffer state estimation method and device
13 9,392,223 Method for controlling visual light source, terminal, and video conference system
14 9,392,222 Video presence method and system
15 9,392,218 Image processing method and device
16 9,392,191 Method and device for processing video conference
17 9,392,032 Session transfer method, device and system
18 9,391,904 Delay timer device, method for managing a plurality of delays, and apparatus for delaying a plurality of data packets
19 9,391,883 Method and device for label automatic allocation in ring network protection
20 9,391,882 Method, system, and device for establishing pseudo wire
21 9,391,868 Method and sending-end device for measuring performance indicator of service flow
22 9,391,864 Internet service control method, and relevant device and system
23 9,391,862 Method and apparatus for scheduling a service processing resource
24 9,391,854 Method and router for packet processing during server failure
25 9,391,846 Policy formulating method, policy server, and gateway
26 9,391,837 Method, proxy device, and system for managing terminal device
27 9,391,836 Method and terminal for loading operator configuration information
28 9,391,812 Channel estimation method and receiver
29 9,391,733 Method, system, and apparatus for transmitting data information by using optical signals
30 9,391,681 Method for determining precoding matrix indicator, user equipment, and base station
31 9,391,680 System and method for multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) full-duplex precoding structures
32 9,391,534 Comparator based synchronous rectifier control circuit and synchronous rectifier control method
33 9,391,445 Surge protection circuit, switching power supply, and surge protection method
34 9,391,311 Battery and mobile terminal for detecting battery cell deformation
35 9,390,729 Method and apparatus for performing voice activity detection
36 9,390,711 Information recognition method and apparatus
37 9,390,678 Image display method and device
38 9,390,475 Backlight detection method and device
39 9,390,409 Method and server for sending and lending digital service content
40 9,390,277 Method and device for data confidentiality protection based on embedded universal integrated circuit card
41 9,390,274 Media data processing method and apparatus
42 9,390,134 Regular expression matching method and system, and searching device
43 9,390,041 Method for processing device connection, combination device and host device
44 9,389,903 Method, system and apparatus for creating virtual machine
45 9,389,880 Method, server, mobile terminal and system for program execution
46 9,389,790 Method and apparatus for determining redundant array of independent disks
47 9,389,669 Method, device and system for data stream transmission
48 9,389,652 Optical disc drive installation mechanism, and outer frame for installing optical disc drive
49 9,389,136 Calibration method of air pressure for a mobile device, calibration device, and mobile device