Huawei patents granted on 13 December 2016

50 US patents granted on 13 December 2016 and assigned to Huawei

1 D773,944 Wearable device
2 9,521,774 Handle locking structure and electronic device having handle locking structure
3 9,521,765 Flow-guiding apparatus and electronic device including the flow-guiding apparatus
4 9,521,689 Method and apparatus for controlling serving grant of user terminal of neighboring cell
5 9,521,685 Circuit arrangement and method of determining a priority of packet scheduling
6 9,521,668 Method and radio network controller for transmitting information
7 9,521,653 Method for transmitting control information
8 9,521,628 Carrier bearing method and device, and radio remote unit
9 9,521,570 Communication control method, user equipment, network server, and system
10 9,521,569 Fault diagnosis method and apparatus
11 9,521,555 System and method for configuring a communications network
12 9,521,502 Method for determining a stereo signal
13 9,521,500 Portable electronic device with directional microphones for stereo recording
14 9,521,467 Method and apparatus for program information exchange and communications system using a program comment instruction
15 9,521,408 Method and apparatus for rounding coordinate value of non-integer pixel position motion vector
16 9,521,407 Method and device for coding and decoding images
17 9,521,366 Method and apparatus for playing conference signal, video conference terminal, and mobile device
18 9,521,311 Quick automatic focusing method and image acquisition apparatus
19 9,521,266 Charging method, authentication method, charging device, and authentication device
20 9,521,262 Method and apparatus for calling terminal to join conference
21 9,521,206 Method, equipment and system for pushing network content
22 9,521,103 Method, apparatus, and system for notifying and learning address information invalidation
23 9,521,086 Queue scheduling method and apparatus
24 9,521,084 Network coding method, relay apparatus, and selection apparatus
25 9,521,082 Methods and devices for creating, compressing and searching binary tree
26 9,521,072 Method and network device for distributing multi-protocol label switching labels
27 9,521,039 Method and system for managing devices in batches
28 9,521,022 Cycle-slip detection method and apparatus, and receiver
29 9,520,978 Apparatus, system, and method for signaling a quantity of antenna ports in a wireless communication system
30 9,520,955 Detection apparatus and detection method for received signal strength indicator
31 9,520,951 Signal transmission method, transmitter, and signal transmission system
32 9,520,941 Hitless, multi-rate optical transmission and reception
33 9,520,931 System and method for unified feedback in a communication system
34 9,520,922 Downlink channel quality information acquisition method and device
35 9,520,908 Full-duplex radio communication device, method and system
36 9,520,792 Staggered parallel three-level DC/DC converter and AC/DC converter
37 9,520,718 Uninterruptible power supply circuit
38 9,520,009 Screen unlocking method, apparatus, and device
39 9,519,996 Virtual view generating method and apparatus
40 9,519,652 Method, apparatus, and system for operating shared resource in asynchronous multiprocessing system
41 9,519,619 Data processing method and device for processing speech signal or audio signal
42 9,519,587 Pre-reading file containers storing unread file segments and segments that do not belong to the file
43 9,519,558 Method for identifying device, and device
44 9,519,499 Method for dispatching central processing unit of hotspot domain virtual machine and virtual machine system
45 9,519,469 Cloud infrastructure-based management system and method for maintenance and deployment of application system
46 9,519,424 Touch-control method, related apparatus, and terminal device
47 9,519,338 Task processing apparatus and method including scheduling current and next-level task processing apparatus
48 9,519,308 Printed circuit board, design method thereof and mainboard of terminal product
49 9,519,151 Optical multiplexer and transmitter optical subassembly
50 9,519,136 Device and method for micro-electro-mechanical-system photonic switch