Huawei patents granted on 13 May 2014

22 US patents granted on 13 May 2014 and assigned to Huawei

1 8,726,375 Method and device for preventing domain name system spoofing
2 8,726,315 Method and server side and terminal for finding interactive electric service guide
3 8,725,802 Method for transferring file in conference system, file transfer system and conference server
4 8,725,201 Multi-carrier receiving device and method
5 8,725,169 Method and apparatus for determining mobility state of terminal
6 8,725,115 Method and system for processing message
7 8,724,986 Method for transmitting impairment information, node, and network system
8 8,724,794 Apparatus and method for providing customized information
9 8,724,787 Method, system and apparatus for implementing multimedia ring back tone service
10 8,724,786 Method, system and apparatus for implementing multimedia ring back tone service
11 8,724,661 Method and device for sending uplink burst data in passive optical network system
12 8,724,617 Uplink synchronization processing method, user equipment, and base station
13 8,724,613 Method and device for service time division multiplexing
14 8,724,604 Wireless router, wireless routing method, and wireless routing system
15 8,724,591 Traffic offload method, traffic offload function entity and traffic offload system
16 8,724,587 Method, apparatus, and system for sending a data packet
17 8,724,547 Method and system for control of discontinuous reception (DRX) by a mobile device in a wireless communications network supporting voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP)
18 8,724,500 Method, apparatus, and system of duplicate address detection proxy
19 8,723,728 Failure compensation method and apparatus for an active antenna, and active antenna device
20 8,723,700 Method and device for pulse encoding, method and device for pulse decoding
21 8,723,484 Method and apparatus for controlling charging and discharging of a battery used in a base station
22 8,723,047 Printed circuit board, design method thereof and mainboard of terminal product