Huawei patents granted on 13 November 2012

15 US patents granted on 13 November 2012 and assigned to Huawei

1 8,312,358 Tail-biting decoding method and device
2 8,311,561 Method of location positioning and verification of an AP, system, and home register
3 8,311,544 De-registration method, home NodeB (HNB), and home NodeB gateway (HNB GW)
4 8,311,399 Method for fast forward/backward play of video data and a streaming server
5 8,311,201 Method and system for controlling a conference
6 8,311,198 Method for processing telephone call
7 8,311,193 Charging method and control device for group main line service
8 8,311,060 Method and system for transmitting IP message, negotiating bandwidth saving capability and saving network bandwidth
9 8,311,037 Method, apparatus and system for transmitting user equipment information in a multimedia subsystem
10 8,311,034 Method, apparatus and network system for making terminating network domain selection
11 8,311,016 Charging method and network system thereof, packet data network gateway and charging system thereof
12 8,311,009 Method, transceiver and telecommunication system for generating reference sequence matrices and for mapping elements thereof
13 8,310,939 Method, system, and device for configuring operation, administration and maintenance properties
14 8,310,934 Method and device for controlling information channel flow
15 8,310,518 Videoconference system and management method thereof