Huawei patents granted on 13 October 2015

18 US patents granted on 13 October 2015 and assigned to Huawei

1 9,161,359 Method for activating or deactivating extended carrier, and base station
2 9,161,269 Processing circuit switched services in an evolved packet network
3 9,161,264 Convergent transmission system and apparatus, data offloading and converging method
4 9,161,252 Method and apparatus for reporting buffer status
5 9,161,197 Emergency call processing method and related apparatus and system
6 9,161,124 Method and electronic device for determining headset line sequence
7 9,161,106 Method and device for implementing shared mesh protection and optical network system
8 9,161,038 Method and device for encoding a high frequency signal, and method and device for decoding a high frequency signal
9 9,160,895 Method and apparatus for quickly responding to signal
10 9,160,655 Method, system, and device for establishing pseudo wire
11 9,160,616 Multicast packet transmission method, related device and system
12 9,160,567 Method, apparatus, and system for establishing a virtual local area network connection
13 9,160,560 CSMA time slot providing and obtaining method and device, networking method and device, and system
14 9,160,439 Method, base station, and system of configuring relay link resources
15 9,160,433 Beam codebook generation method, beam search method and related apparatuses
16 9,160,383 Method for estimating covariance matrices and use thereof
17 9,160,244 Magnetic integration double-ended converter
18 9,160,116 Connector and electronic device