Huawei patents granted on 13 September 2016

31 US patents granted on 13 September 2016 and assigned to Huawei

1 9,445,509 Three-dimensional backplane
2 9,445,404 Method, base station, and user equipment for transmitting control channel
3 9,445,401 Method and device for transmitting a control channel mapped to one or more control channel elements
4 9,445,386 Method, apparatus, and device for managing binding information on network side
5 9,445,333 Method and device for switching of multi-carrier
6 9,445,325 Method, device and system for reporting signal quality measurement result
7 9,445,313 Data processing method and device
8 9,445,303 Capacity station activation method, wireless communication apparatus and system
9 9,445,301 Method, apparatus, and system for accessing multi-operator core network
10 9,445,286 Protocol version negotiation method, mobile terminal, base station and communications system
11 9,445,283 Channel sounding for frequency division duplex system
12 9,445,279 Systems and methods for placing virtual serving gateways for mobility management
13 9,445,217 MTC device communication method, device, and system
14 9,444,901 Method and apparatus for sending a push content
15 9,444,709 Bidirectional forwarding detection BFD session negotiation method, device, and system
16 9,444,664 Channel frequency offset estimation method, apparatus, and system
17 9,444,608 Control channel transmission method and apparatus to implement transmission of ePDCCHs through an eREG in a unit physical resource block
18 9,444,583 Transmitted precoding indicator combining method, terminal and network-side device
19 9,444,516 Method, apparatus and system for supporting non-vector line
20 9,444,513 Communication method and device for dynamic adjustment of downlink-uplink subframe configuration in a time division duplex system
21 9,444,500 Modulation circuit of digital transmitter, digital transmitter, and signal modulation method
22 9,444,491 Coding method, decoding method, coder, and decoder
23 9,444,277 Charger integrating network interface conversion apparatus
24 9,444,192 Communication connector and electronic device using communication connector
25 9,444,109 System and method for supplying hydrogen gas, and hydrogen fuel cell system
26 9,443,534 Bandwidth extension system and approach
27 9,443,524 Stereo decoding method and apparatus
28 9,442,845 Encoding a data address using XOR operation wherein address bits are transformed by multiple preset polynomials
29 9,442,763 Resource allocation method and resource management platform
30 9,442,676 Method, device, and system for determining drive letter
31 9,442,673 Method and apparatus for storing data using a data mapping algorithm