Huawei patents granted on 14 April 2015

22 US patents granted on 14 April 2015 and assigned to Huawei

1 9,009,735 Method for processing data, computing node, and system
2 9,009,306 Method, system, client and server for locating operation nodes in communication system
3 9,009,278 Device management server, device management client, and method for locating a target operation object
4 9,008,718 Method, apparatus, and network device for power control
5 9,008,706 Method and apparatus for implementing network cognition
6 9,008,516 Method, apparatus, and system for transmitting information in passive optical network
7 9,008,511 Method, apparatus, and system for assigning tributary port number
8 9,008,508 Method and device for detecting inband optical signal to noise ratio
9 9,008,470 Method and apparatus for wavelength selective switch
10 9,008,365 Systems and methods for pedestrian detection in images
11 9,008,250 Method, modem, and system for canceling adjacent channel interference
12 9,008,219 Method and apparatus for transmitting data in multiple-antenna system
13 9,008,209 Method in a wireless communication system
14 9,008,163 Vectored-DSL method and system, board, and DSLAM device
15 9,008,153 Microwave predistorted signal generating method and apparatus
16 9,008,041 Processing method supporting handover, communication apparatus, and communication system
17 9,008,040 Handover method, user equipment, and network side device
18 9,007,996 Service control method and apparatus
19 9,007,989 Method, apparatus, and system for time synchronization
20 9,007,952 Method and device for switching
21 9,007,948 Distance measurement and alarm method and apparatus
22 9,007,274 Reconfigurable mobile phone bulit-in antenna and implementation method thereof