Huawei patents granted on 14 May 2013

10 US patents granted on 14 May 2013 and assigned to Huawei

1 8,443,419 Method, device, and system for pre-authentication
2 8,443,054 Method, system, and scheduling server for content delivery
3 8,442,565 Method, device and system for indicating discontinuous data scheduling
4 8,442,535 Method, system and device for maintaining user service continuity
5 8,442,211 Method and system for providing a ring back tone in a communication network
6 8,442,195 Method for controlling process of establishing call
7 8,442,190 Method, system and device for call processing
8 8,442,175 Method, apparatus, and system for time synchronization of XDSL
9 8,442,047 Method, system, router and apparatus for implementing switching between layer-2 multicast route tracing and layer-3 multicast route tracing
10 8,442,039 Method, user equipment and server for multimedia session transfer