Huawei patents granted on 14 October 2014

23 US patents granted on 14 October 2014 and assigned to Huawei

1 8,862,857 Data access processing method and apparatus
2 8,862,847 Distributed storage method, apparatus, and system for reducing a data loss that may result from a single-point failure
3 8,862,601 Method and device for DRM file conversion
4 8,862,257 Method and device for clipping control
5 8,862,163 Service implementation method, apparatus, and system
6 8,862,131 Method and apparatus for handover preparation
7 8,861,981 Optical signal compensation device
8 8,861,979 Coherent receiver apparatus and chromatic dispersion compensation method
9 8,861,961 Passive optical network, access method thereof, optical network unit and optical line termination
10 8,861,959 Receiving apparatus, sending apparatus, system and method for optical polarization division multiplexing
11 8,861,712 Method, apparatus, and system for reducing line-to-line crosstalk during transmission of digital subscriber line service
12 8,861,522 Method for providing an internal server with reduced IP addresses
13 8,861,496 Method and device for detaching user equipment
14 8,861,457 Method, device, and system for managing uplink carrier frequencies
15 8,861,392 Pre-coding method in cooperative relay system, communication apparatus, and relay apparatus
16 8,861,387 Method, device and user equipment for transmitting multi-cell scheduling information
17 8,861,378 Method, system and network device for node configuration and path detection
18 8,861,372 Method and device for fast pushing unicast stream in fast channel change
19 8,861,222 Backplane, communication device and communication system
20 8,860,776 Conference terminal, conference server, conference system and data processing method
21 8,860,775 Remote presenting system, device, and method
22 8,860,740 Method and apparatus for processing a display driver in virture desktop infrastructure
23 8,860,334 Device for remotely controlling multi-band antenna and multi-band antenna system