Huawei patents granted on 15 December 2015

51 US patents granted on 15 December 2015 and assigned to Huawei

1 9,215,831 Heat dissipation system
2 9,215,743 Method and apparatus for controlling channel transmission status
3 9,215,715 Dynamic spectrum allocation method, central control unit, base station and spectrum allocation system
4 9,215,702 Method and apparatus for processing data and base station
5 9,215,700 Counter check and reconfiguration method, apparatus, and system
6 9,215,699 Method for configuring subframe, method for processing data, base station and user equipment
7 9,215,691 Resource operation method and apparatus
8 9,215,688 Data transmission method, base station and terminal
9 9,215,687 Method of location information processing and access network device
10 9,215,676 Base station clock apparatus, base station system and method for clock synchronization
11 9,215,674 Method for selecting transport format in uplink multiple-input multiple-output system and related method and device
12 9,215,673 Radio frequency module supporting multiple carriers, base station and carrier distribution method
13 9,215,671 Routing device and signal transmitting method for wireless local area network
14 9,215,664 Method and apparatus for power control
15 9,215,651 Method, apparatus, and system for selecting serving nodes for access
16 9,215,642 Service packet forwarding and processing method and system, and access point AP
17 9,215,633 Cell access control method and user equipment
18 9,215,632 Control channel transmission method and equipment
19 9,215,627 Handover method and device
20 9,215,625 Method and system for transferring user equipment in mobile communication system
21 9,215,624 Method and apparatus for non-access stratum message processing during handover in evolved network
22 9,215,612 Packet loss processing method, destination network node device and mobile transmission network system
23 9,215,498 Video data transmission processing method, video data sending processing method, apparatus, network system
24 9,215,381 Image blurring method and apparatus, and electronic devices
25 9,215,336 Policy decision method, charging device, and system
26 9,215,221 Method for implementing local routing of traffic, base station and system
27 9,215,148 Method and device for terminal device management based on right control
28 9,215,145 Policy decision function addressing method, network element and network system
29 9,215,134 Method and label forwarding router for initiating LDP session connection
30 9,215,078 Multicast method and multicast device
31 9,215,073 Key insulation method and device
32 9,215,037 Receiving method, apparatus, and system in cooperative communications
33 9,215,034 Signal reconstruction method and apparatus
34 9,215,029 Path selecting method and apparatus
35 9,215,028 Photonic switch chip for scalable reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexer
36 9,215,025 Time division duplex TDD communication method, base station, and user equipment
37 9,215,007 Optical network switching node in multi-chassis cluster, optical burst synchronization method, and line card chassis
38 9,214,991 Method, device, and system for implementing microwave multiple-input multiple-output
39 9,214,984 Interference cancellation method and system
40 9,214,982 Activated code channel detection method and device
41 9,214,966 Method and apparatus for controlling power consumption of turbo decoder
42 9,214,958 Method and decoder for processing decoding
43 9,214,800 Surge protection circuit
44 9,214,772 Apparatus having a tray with two perpendicular grooves for holding two memory cards
45 9,214,749 Pluggable apparatus of circuit board, and server
46 9,213,943 Parameter inference method, calculation apparatus, and system based on latent dirichlet allocation model
47 9,213,839 Malicious code detection technologies
48 9,213,500 Data processing method and device
49 9,213,467 Interaction method and interaction device
50 9,213,142 Device and method for micro-electro-mechanical-system photonic switch
51 9,211,239 Information exchange method, user end, and system for online collaborative shopping