Huawei patents granted on 15 March 2016

23 US patents granted on 15 March 2016 and assigned to Huawei

1 D751,598 Animated graphical user interfaces for a display screen or portion thereof
2 9,288,843 Multi-mode base station and method for data transmission
3 9,288,835 Method, user terminal and network side equipment for improving network resource occupancy
4 9,288,828 Method, apparatus and system for accessing service by mobile station
5 9,288,802 Method, device, and system for sending and receiving control channel information
6 9,288,790 Method and apparatus for bearer processing
7 9,288,779 Method and apparatus for identifying user equipment, and method for transmitting and allocating a temporary identifier
8 9,288,745 Cell search method of terminal and related device and system
9 9,288,725 Method for determining handover criterion in a cellular wireless communication system
10 9,288,662 Method, apparatus, and media gateway for codec rate adjustment
11 9,288,492 Motion prediction or compensation method
12 9,288,306 Method for processing user information, mobile terminal, and server
13 9,288,179 Method and apparatus for assigning IP address
14 9,288,114 Apparatus and system for managing a sensor network
15 9,288,075 Method and system for auto-configuration, and network node
16 9,287,959 Method and system for quantized feedback rate adaptation in a communication system
17 9,287,895 Method and decoder for reconstructing a source signal
18 9,287,636 Plug and power connector
19 9,287,626 Antenna and wireless terminal device
20 9,286,249 USB device communication method, device and system wherein a human interface device (HID) descriptor and report are added to a driver of USB device
21 9,286,113 Method, apparatus, and system for issuing partition balancing subtask
22 9,285,945 Method and apparatus for displaying multi-task interface
23 9,285,844 Chassis with horizontal plugged frames and communication device