Huawei patents granted on 15 November 2016

28 US patents granted on 15 November 2016 and assigned to Huawei

1 9,497,783 Method, apparatus and system for transmitting information
2 9,497,750 Method and apparatus for transmitting control signaling
3 9,497,718 Method, apparatus and system for synchronization between base stations
4 9,497,707 Data sending method, device and system
5 9,497,665 Method and system for returning to long term evolution network and mobile switching center
6 9,497,660 Method for providing services, service broker, and policy and charging rules function apparatus
7 9,497,625 Method for negotiating security capability when terminal moves
8 9,497,605 Short message processing method and relevant system
9 9,497,598 Service information pushing and receiving method, and related apparatus and system
10 9,497,576 NFC configuration method, NFC data transmission method, controller, and NFC controller
11 9,497,568 Method and apparatus for controlling network access of machine terminal
12 9,497,459 Method and apparatus for detecting frame types
13 9,497,455 Offset decoding device, offset coding device, image filtering device, and data structure
14 9,497,450 Method, apparatus, and system for locating IPTV fault
15 9,497,128 Service rate control method, system and device
16 9,497,089 Method and device for spreading deep packet inspection result
17 9,497,064 Method and apparatus for transporting ultra-high-speed Ethernet service
18 9,497,048 Method and apparatus with improved estimation accuracy and robustness for fine frequency offset estimation in coherent receivers
19 9,497,035 Method, device, and system for playing media based on P2P
20 9,496,998 Method, apparatus and system for uplink data transmission
21 9,496,977 Method and apparatus for resource mapping and code division multiplexing
22 9,496,957 Method and apparatus for allocating optical spectrum bandwidth resources
23 9,496,701 Power supply fuse alarm circuit and alarm apparatus
24 9,496,607 Antenna apparatus, antenna system, and antenna electrical tilting method
25 9,495,327 Service configuration method, device and system
26 9,495,316 System and method for an asynchronous processor with a hierarchical token system
27 9,495,304 Address compression method, address decompression method, compressor, and decompressor
28 9,495,019 Display method of mobile device selection and terminal device